MPCA Unveils Plan Ensuring Health Care for All Michigan Residents

With the uninsured population in Michigan estimated at over 1 million and steadily increasing, and a critical shortage of health care professionals projected for the near future, accessing health care is becoming alarmingly difficult for many.

As policy makers consider policies aimed at expanding health coverage, it is equally important to maintain and strengthen the system already in place through which the uninsured receive medical care, namely Community Health Centers.  MPCA’s Access to Health Care for All of Michigan is designed to expand the system of care beyond medical care to improve the health status of patients and communities, put patients in the center of the health and human services equation, and create access to what people need when they need it regardless of the time of day or day of the week.  For that to occur, MPCA recommends:

Access Plan Cover

  • Securing direct state funding for Community Health Centers to allow for expansion of services so all Michigan residents have access to care
  • Developing Michigan’s health care workforce so the state’s medically underserved communities have adequate numbers of health professionals to provide care for the state’s residents in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner
  • Implementing the Primary Care Medical Home model in Michigan to provide comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated primary care for people of all ages while aligning payment incentives
  • Providing health care coverage for all Michigan residents by making it affordable and available to all and including a subsidy for low-income individuals

“Community Health Centers are key players in both state and federal efforts to improve access to health care,” said Kim Sibilsky, executive director, MPCA.  “Not only have they demonstrated that they improve access to care, they have proven to do it in a cost-effective manner.”

You can read the full plan here and make your opinion heard using the comment link below.


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