Health Care Reform Cannot Wait

Number of UninsuredThe Department of Health and Human Services has released “The Costs of Inaction,” a new report on which underscores why health care reform is urgently needed this year. This report includes statistics that illustrate the challenges Americans are facing – from skyrocketing costs to the persistent gaps in health care quality.

Last month, President Obama told a joint session of Congress that “health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year.” The extraordinarily high cost of health care is hurting the ability of American families to balance their own budgets and the nation’s ability to balance its budget as well!

From the Report…

Families, business, and state and federal budgets are straining under skyrocketing health care costs.Health Care Costs vs. Wages
– Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums have more than doubled in the last 9 years, a rate 6 times faster than cumulative wage increases.

Millions of Americans do not have health coverage, or have inadequate coverage. As our economic challenges multiply, the problem of health care access grows.

– An estimated 87 million people – one in every three Americans under the age of 65 – were uninsured at some point in 2007 and 2008… more than 80% of the uninsured are in working families.

In spite of the vast resources invested, the health care system has not yet reached the goal of high-quality care. US Health Care Grade

– Across 37 performance indicators, the United States achieved an overall score of 65 out of a possible 100.

Read the report online or Download a PDF


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