Biden Announces $2.3 Billion in Recovery Act Funds to Help Care for Children

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that the Obama Administration will make $2.3 billion available for crucial health and human services programs that help to provide care for children and prevent disease.

$2 billion of the Recovery Act funding will go to child care programs and an additional $300 million will help to ensure more underserved Americans receive the vaccines they need.

These new resources will be used to purchase vaccines, which will be distributed through the HHS’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Section 317 immunization program to all 50 states, several large cities, and U.S. territories. Funding will also be used to support national public information campaigns regarding vaccines and support grants to states that demonstrate innovative new ways to ensure more Americans receive the vaccines they need.

“Vaccines help keep children healthy, prevent costly stays in hospitals, and fight diseases that can lead to serious illness or death” added Biden. “The Recovery Act will help to vaccinate more Americans, cut health care costs, improve public health and save lives.”

To see a list of state by state funding for vaccine programs, visit the Recovery Grants Website.

Read the full article here.


One response to “Biden Announces $2.3 Billion in Recovery Act Funds to Help Care for Children

  1. Health care insurance companies have had it their way for far too long. Prior to 13th century the Barons, freeman and fettered surfs of England genuflected to every whim of the King John of England. In 1215 Magna Carta changed all that, just as we have reached a precipitous point today with the health care. WE desperately need freedom from the businesses that prey on the the average American?. We need a Single payer system, just like most European developed nations our insurance entities have subjected people to deceiving paperwork that would null their agreement for any pre-existing conditions found. They would delve deeply into any scrap of information, to cut off a person potential surgery–specially those items costing $100.000 dollars.. Not satisfied with that, under the watchful eye of the stockholders “bean Counters”, would hit you with co-pays and premiums.

    Governor Schwarzenegger should listen to the association of nurses and remove any insurance company from participating in the health care committee. Insurance companies are a cold dispassionate for-profit business that has no intentions of releasing their hold on a trillion dollar industry. Shortly we will be bombarded with gross lies, rhetoric and propaganda in every corner of the media. To even think of even enacting a single payer system is supposedly anti-American. In truth the estimates of Americans uninsured has reached a disastrous proportion. Then we have the shuffle of free health care for illegal foreign nationals that also have a massive financial impact on all taxpayers.

    One monolithic pool of people is far better than the chaos of health care system we have today. England, prior to the ingress of illegal and legal commonwealth immigrants, the island had a true excellent system of health care for everyone. Your job paid insurance stamps, same as the employee who gave you access to a doctor, a surgeon, eye or dentist practitioner. No money, no insurance card, no state picture ID changed hands. A small payment for medicine was all that was expected. The only difference was a short waiting time for specialists that the well-heeled are completely isolated from.

    Indeed, I had 2 minor and one selective surgery that cost nothing out of pocket. Here Americans live in frightened anticipation of debt collectors and bankruptcy for bills unpaid. Health care drains the country each year of trillions of dollars– much going to insurance companies, archaic billing companies, and a whole cornucopia of middlemen. It will not be easy to change the broken system? Just like illegal immigration, the open-border proponents have everything to lose, that includes politicians who are major stockholders in hospitals for profit. Call the President, Senator or Representative and demand a—SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM: 202-224-3121

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