From NPR: Conversations on Health Reform

Doctors Say Costs, Not Care, Have Become Focus

Over the past few decades, health care costs in the United States have soared, leaving some physicians struggling to provide the best care for their patients while managing the business end of their practices.

Young Doctors Weigh In On Health Care

Two young doctors, just finishing up their residencies, discuss the decisions behind their career choices. Nicole Loeding is going into primary care, while Brian Southern, after becoming disillusioned with primary care, has chosen pulmonary critical care.

In U.S., Some Rationing Of Health Care

The specter of government rationing of health care is a prime argument against overhauling the system. But some doctors and economists argue the U.S. health care system is already, in effect, rationing in the most unproductive ways.

Click A Link to Listen or Read the Stories from NPR’s Continuing Series on Health Care in the U.S.


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