Senator Stabenow Seeking Input on Health Care Reform

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) held seven town hall meetings across Michigan this week (many of which were attended by Community Health Center representatives) to discuss the process and policy highlights of health care reform, and to hear from constituents, especially those who work with the uninsured and underserved.  As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which is a key player in health care reform, Senator Stabenow has a big impact on legislation that is being drafted.  Click here to read Senator Stabenow’s position on health care reform.  Now that Congress has agreed to keep the price tag for health care reform no greater than $1 trillion, the Senate Finance Committee is reworking its legislation, which in its original form cost $1.6 trillion. 

To provide Michigan residents the opportunity to weigh in on the health reform discussion, Senator Stabenow has launched a Health Care Peoples’ Lobby. By signing up, you will receive updates from Senator Stabenow on health care issues, and you can share your story so the Senator can help her colleagues understand the urgency of this situation for families and businesses in Michigan. Her web site also includes a comprehensive Health Care Reform Online Resource Center, complete with links to draft bills, Senate Finance Committee Roundtable materials, option papers, and resources from the White House.


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