Primetime Press Conference on Health Care Tonight!

Tonight at 8 p.m. President Obama will be delivering a prime time press conference on the need for Health Care Reform.

The press conference will be carried on television by ABC, NBC, CBS and most cable news channels.

It will also be streaming live online through News Hour and you can listen on the radio by tuning in to your local National Public Radio station.

  • The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today: “President Obama is significantly raising his personal stake in the effort to overhaul America’s health-care system, as Democrats and the public express growing unease about the costs. After weeks of allowing allies in Congress to shape the emerging bills, the White House signaled its intention to start spending more of Mr. Obama’s political capital. “
  • The Boston Globe reports that Mr. Obama will court health plan skeptics tonight. “The president’s allies in Congress want Obama to reassure the nation that the health care legislation will save families money, not cost them higher taxes, and that it will improve the nation’s long-term economic outlook.”

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