House Health Reform Proposal Would Expand Access to Care

… from the National Association of Community Health Centers

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act, the health care reform package introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would provide substantial new funding for the Health Centers Program between now and 2019.

Directed out of a new Public Health Investment Trust Fund, resources would help bring new health centers to communities in need, enhance capacity at existing centers and ensure that every health center offers comprehensive services. Combined with other changes proposed in the House health reform legislation, including Medicaid expansions, the creation of new Health Insurance Exchanges, mandates on employers and individuals to provide and purchase coverage, these resources will help turn the promise of increased coverage into the reality of expanded care for up to 53 million people within 10 years

With new estimates of growth under the House bill, health centers would now save $80 billion in overall health care costs in the year 2019, due in great part to reducing the use of hospitals or local emergency rooms. Also, up to $77.6 billion of economic activity would be created in some of the nation’s most economically challenged communities, and as many as 884,000 jobs would be retained or created.

You can learn more about the current Health Reform Proposals through NACHC’s Health Reform Hub, which includes legislative proposal overviews, fact sheets and research on the issues!


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