Two Michigan Health Centers Chosen By Altarum Institute to Participate in Patient Care Improvement Initiative

Michigan Primary Care Association is pleased that Altarum Institute has selected two Michigan Community Health Centers from a remarkable pool to participate in its Community Health Center (CHC) Innovation Mission Project.

Community Health Centers, which provide quality, comprehensive primary and preventive health care using a highly decentralized and community-centered model, represent a rich source of examples of health innovation in practice. Through the CHC Innovation Mission Project, Altarum Institute will partner with Baldwin Family Health Care (Baldwin) and Cherry Street Health Services (Grand Rapids), in addition to two other Health Centers from other states, to improve care and enact lasting changes among these Community Health Centers.

“In the nonprofit world – that frequently focuses its scarce resources on remediating low-performing programs – it is refreshing and exciting to see Altarum Institute’s Mission Projects focus expertise and resources on developing in situ laboratories in high performing Health Centers like Baldwin Family Health Care and Cherry Street Health Services to foster cutting-edge innovation,” said Kim Sibilsky, Executive Director, Michigan Primary Care Association.

Cherry Street Health Services announced its partnership with Altarum Institute on August 12 of National Health Center Week. During the year-and-a-half project, Altarum staff will work with the Health Center to support its efforts to employ a team-based approach to managing chronic health conditions with the goal of achieving full integration of behavioral health and primary health care services.

According to Cherry Street Health Services’ Executive Director, Chris Shea, “With the expertise of Altarum, we will unite professional staff towards a unified treatment plan in which differences between medical and behavioral components will be nearly transparent.”

Baldwin Family Health Care announced its new partnership with Altarum Institute through the CHC Innovation Mission Project at a National Health Center Week event held at the Health Center’s new White Cloud Teen Center in White Cloud, Michigan, on August 14.

The partnership is designed to improve patient care and further the advancement of Baldwin Family Health Care’s ongoing efforts to implement the patient-centered medical home model. This model aims to achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost by coordinating care, emphasizing prevention, and integrating behavioral health and public health services with medical practice. By implementing “lean” process tools, the goal is to reduce patient wait times and increase provider productivity.

“The opportunity to partner with a national leader in research-based innovations that can help us improve care for our patients doesn’t come along very often,” said Linda Shively, President and Chief Executive Officer of Baldwin Family Health Care. “We are very pleased to have been selected by Altarum to be part of this effort.”


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