2 in 3 Americans Find Health Reform Confusing

According to a new CBS News poll out today, “two in three Americans call the health care reforms being debated by lawmakers confusing; only 31 percent said they have a clear understanding of the proposed changes. Sixty-seven percent of those questioned said the reform ideas were confusing. This evaluation cuts across party lines, with majorities of both Republicans (69 percent) and Democrats (58 percent) saying the current proposals are confusing.” In addition, 60 percent of Americans “say the President has not clearly explained his health care reform plans. While slightly more than half of Democrats think Mr. Obama has clearly explained his plans, majorities of Republicans and independent voters say he has not”.

Its easy to understand why people are confused, the topics being debated are incredibly complex and even the experts don’t agree on what the solutions to our current health care crisis should be. The only way we can hope to understand the debate is to educate ourselves using reasonable, truthful and reliable sources. One of our earlier posts, What Does Health Care Reform Mean For You?, might help you do that and the new PBS NewsHour video Rx for Reform might help you untangle media coverage of health care issues as well.


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