White House Considering Leaving School-Based Health Centers Out of Health Care Reform Legislation

An article in the New York Times on September 3 indicates that the White House could “drop proposals requiring the government to create school-based health clinics” from health care reform legislation.

School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are crucial to children’s health care and readiness to learn. Because SBHCs are located in schools, they are an effective place to provide patient-centered, culturally sensitive, quality primary and preventive health care at little to no cost to students. They also ensure low-income children have access to health care, and that children are ready to learn by decreasing absenteeism – when children are healthy they attend school more regularly and are more attentive in class.

The National Association of School-Based Health Centers has drafted letters for individuals to send to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Members of Congress urging them to keep SBHCs in health care reform legislation. Click here to access NASBHC’s Action Center, enter your zip code, and click ‘go’ to send your letters. Or, you may choose to call the White House switchboard at 202.456.1414. Letting your voice be heard will take just a few minutes but could significantly impact the future of SBHCs. The White House wants to hear if there will be any rebuttal to this possible drop. 

If you are a registered user of Facebook, become a friend of the White House. Post on its wall a brief statement about the importance of keeping SBHCs in health care reform. The more people who post – especially students who rely on SBHCs to stay healthy – the greater the impact.

Then ask every person you know to take action as well!


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