Ryan White Reauthorization Gets a Congressional Hearing

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health announced that it will hold a hearing next Wednesday, September 7, at 11am on the reauthorization of Ryan White program funding.

As many of you are likely aware, at the end of September, the Ryan White program’s authorization will not only expire, but its authority will be repealed. Ryan White is the federal government’s largest stream of discretionary funding dedicated to the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Unlike when a program’s authorization expires and the program’s activities can continue as long as funds are available, a repeal actually hinders the federal agency’s ability to administer the program.

Some months ago, NACHC joined numerous stakeholder groups from around the country in supporting the “community consensus” document on Ryan White. The document calls for a three year reauthorization of the Ryan White program, and makes a number of other recommendations. That consensus document reportedly served as a starting point for the congressional committees of jurisdiction- the House Energy and Commerce and Senate HELP Committees- to begin to assemble a reauthorization bill.

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