Michigan CHCs and MPCA featured in Michigan Nonprofit Association “Stimulus Funding At Work” Article

The Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is a state-wide association working to increase the capacity of Michigan’s nonprofits to serve, strengthen and transform communities. In the latest edition of their newsletter MNA Links the association featured MPCA and Michigan’s Community Health Centers in an article for the Michigan Nonprofit Storyback entitled “Stimulus Funding at Work“. You can read an excerpt of the article below or read the full story here.

In Michigan, the number of uninsured now tops 1 million, and over 1.5 million residents lack a health care home. MPCA is taking a leading role in conversations that will continue to shape health care in our nation. Earlier this year, Community Health Centers were among the first recipients of stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. MPCA has released a report showing how Michigan Community Health Centers are using this one-time funding, which totals nearly $35 million, to help those in need access quality health care that they can afford, expand services, and stimulate and retain jobs.

“The one time funding opportunity offered to CHCs through the stimulus bill is enabling more Michigan residents to access quality, affordable healthcare,” said Dana Hughes, Communications Manager at Michigan Primary Care Association. “Community Health Centers are emerging as health care homes for many more residents. While this funding has created some wonderful opportunities for those in need, continued support of these initiatives is critical so that CHCs can respond to the ever increasing demand for services today and in the future.”

As the cost of health care continues to increase and more and more Americans are losing health care coverage, the need for affordable quality health care is more pressing than ever before. In June 2009, the state’s unemployment rate hit 15.2%. For every 1% increase in unemployment, more than 1 million people lose their health insurance and another million people enroll in Medicaid and CHIP.

You can see a full report on how Michigan Community Health Centers used stimulum funding to strengthen Michigan’s health care safety net in MPCA’s latest report- Stimulus Funding for Community Health Centers: The Right Medicine at the Right Time, But Not the Cure:

“The investment of stimulus dollars allowed CHCs to quickly begin responding to increased demand for health care from people who are unemployed, uninsured, or underinsured in today’s economic crisis. Although the stimulus funding was the right medicine at the right time, it wasn’t the cure. The cure is health care reform. A long-term solution is needed for the 50 million Americans who are uninsured, and also for the 60 million people who lack a medical  home. Stimulus funding is the first step in laying the foundation required to serve communities and vulnerable people for years to come. Since stimulus funding is one-time funding (the federal government will not provide ongoing support of stimulus-funded grant activities after the end of the two-year project period), ongoing funding is now needed to sustain, strengthen, and build on that foundation.”


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