What is Happening with Health Reform in the House?

As leadership in the U.S. House continues to weave together provisions from the committees’ passed health care reform legislation into a bill for final consideration, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) reports that a provision for Health Center growth, the Public Health Investment Fund, is likely to be included.

“Last week, a targeted group of Health Center advocates from across the country came to Washington for quick “fly-in” meetings with key members of the House of Representatives with a clear message – as you bring the different House bills together, maintain the investment in Health Center growth,” reported John Sawyer in a NACHC “Health Centers on the Hill” blog post.

The response?  “Whether it was Blue Dog negotiator Mike Ross (D-AR), House Democratic Caucus Chair John Larson (D-CT), Ways and Means Committee Chair Charles Rangel (D-NY), or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) herself, the message to our advocates was clear: “It’s in.”

Click here to read more from Sawyer to learn more about the “it” that will move forward Health Center growth in the reformed health system.


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