Stories from Michigan CHCs- Northern Menominee Health Center

When a dental patient at the Northern Menominee Health Center, part of the Upper Peninsula Association of Rural Health Services in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula was asked “Would you like to share your story?” she had two words to say- OH YES!

I am 5o years old and never thought I’d be able to ever afford to go to the dentist.

I was so ill and felt everyday like I would die, never knowing it was my teeth.

Then I heard of the Northern Menominee Health Center and on my goodness Dr. Johnson is the most excellent dentist! So gentle, with humor that relaxes every nerve completely so that when she drills, pokes or whatever else you don’t even know it’s being done.

I also had Dr. Whamack for two days and she was excellent too!

And, all of the Dental Assistants worked so well with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Whamack.

They treated me like I had the best health insurance when I had nothing. It brings tears to my eyes the kindness and gentle care, I’ve never been treated so well.

I got my health back and can smile again and that is the first thing Dr. Johnson promised, health, and that is what they bring.

God Bless Dr. Johnson, Dr. Whamack and everyone at the Northern Menominee Health Center.

That is my story… healthy again!


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