Michigan Lawmakers on Facebook

Facebook is another great way to get in touch with your legislators and make your voice heard on important issues!

There are now 66 Michigan Representative and Senators on Facebook… do you see your legislator listed below?

If you do, add them as a friend or follow their public profile to stay up-to-date and let them know how you feel about upcoming legislation.

Michigan Representatives
Andy Coulouris
Andy Dillon
Andy Neumann
Arlan Meekhof
Barbara Byrum
Bill Huizenga
Bill Rogers
Bob Genetski
Brian Calley
Chuck Moss
Dave Agema
Eileen Kowall
Gail Haines
Goeff Hansen
Hugh Crawford
Jase Bolger
Jeff Mayes
Jim Stamas
Joan Bauer
Joe Haveman
Joe Hune
John Proos
Justin Amash
Ken Horn
Kevin Daley
Kevin Green
LaMar Lemmons
Larry DeShazor
Marc Corriveau
Marty Knollenberg
Mike Huckleberry
Pam Byrnes
Paul Scott
Peter Lund
Phil Pavlov
Andrew Kandrevas
Richard LeBlanc
Rick Jones
Scott Hummel
Sharon Tyler
Tim J Moore
Tom McMillin
Tonya Schuitmaker
Wayne Schmidt

Michigan Senators
Alan Cropsey
Bill Hardiman
Bruce Patterson
Cameron Brown
Deb Cherry
Glenn Anderson
Gretchen Whitmer
Hansen Clarke
Irma Clark-Coleman
Jason Allen
John Gleason
John Pappageorge
Mark Jansen
Martha Scott
Michelle A McManus
Mickey Switalski
Randy Richardville
Ray Basham
Roger Kahn
Tom George
Valde Garcia
Wayne Kuipers




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