U.S. House to Vote on House Health Reform Bill This Weekend

After finishing up debate tomorrow on the Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962), the U.S. House is scheduled to take a final vote on this historic health care reform legislation on Saturday, November 7. 

Introduced last week by Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team, the bill includes $12 billion in new guaranteed funding for Community Health Centers over five years through the Public Health Investment Fund. This would allow Health Centers to expand to serve up to 20 million new patients by 2015, and generate $212 billion in additional health system savings and in excess of $59 billion in Federal Medicaid savings.

HR 3962 also includes language to make affordable health insurance coverage available to as many as 36 million Americans who are currently uninsured or severely underinsured. Most notably, the bill extends Medicaid coverage to 15 million individuals and families with incomes below 150% of the federal poverty level and provides financial assistance for millions more Americans in need.

This is a critical juncture in the health reform debate and your Representative needs to hear from you. Please take a minute to contact your U.S. Representative to ask him/her to vote yes on HR 3962 – call the toll free NACHC advocacy hotline at 1.866.456.3949 to easily connect with your Representative.

Click here for more information on HR 3962.


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