Cherry Street Health Services Launches Capital Campaign for Heart of the City Health Center

Cherry Street Health Services – a nonprofit organization that operates Community Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers, and Health Care for the Homeless Centers in Kent and Montcalm Counties – recently launched “Gifts from the Heart”, a $4.1 million capital campaign to support the construction of Heart of the City Health Center. 

This new 79,000 square-foot Health Center to be built in downtown Grand Rapids will house behavioral/mental health care services, as well as the current operations of both Cherry Street Health Services’ Grand Rapids Pediatrics and Ferguson Adult Health Centers.  It also allows for the potential expansion of services.

“Gifts from the Heart” is embracing ‘One person, one place, one solution’ to support Cherry Street Health Services’ pilot for integrating behavioral and physical health care at the new location through collaboration with Touchstone innovare and Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance. 

Altarum Institute, a nationally recognized consultation group, is supporting the pilot by assisting the Health Center in employing a team-based approach to managing chronic health conditions with the goal of achieving full integration of behavioral health and primary health care services. 

“With the expertise of Altarum, we will unite professional staff towards a unified treatment plan in which differences between medical and behavioral components will be nearly transparent,” said Chris Shea, Cherry Street Health Services’ Executive Director.

Gifts will help enhance the Health Center’s mission to provide health care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.  For more information about ‘Gifts from the Heart’, please contact Delvenia Beason at 616-776-2125 or


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