MPCA’s ARRA AmeriCorps Program Exceeds Expectations

Michigan Primary Care Association’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) AmeriCorps program has already far exceeded expectations and proven to be a resounding success since its launch in August 2009. 

“Members are excited to serve, excited to come together for training and service projects, and have been described as tremendous assets in the organizations where they are serving,” said John Taylor, MPCA Community HealthCorps Program Director.  

MPCA received funding for the program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to provide support for Health Education and Outreach initiatives in regions across the State of Michigan.

MPCA Community HealthCorps members are committed to “Serving Our Communities by Building a Healthier Michigan.”  As part of Michigan’s AmeriCorps program, each member serves a one-year term at one of MPCA’s partner sites throughout Michigan in order to improve the health of Michigan residents.  Members provide support to their host sites by serving as community outreach specialists, assisting with collaborative programs that increase access to health care.  The MPCA Community HealthCorps program is committed to providing members and the communities they serve with the four key components of a successful National Service experience:  getting things done, strengthening communities, encouraging responsibility, and expanding opportunity.

As of December 31, 2009, ARRA Community HealthCorps members have provided information on health insurance, health care access, and health benefits programs to 7,583 individuals.  Of these individuals served, members were able to provide direct assistance 7,891 individuals, enable 4125 of these individual to be properly assessed, 509 individuals were referred to appropriate health programs to meet their continuing needs, members followed up with 836 individuals, 8504 individuals were provided educational support, and 424 individuals were targeted for further outreach attempts.  Members created 882 new resources, and distributed 13959 health-related resources in the community, recruited 12 volunteers for a total of 48 hours of volunteer service, and distributed AmeriCorps resource materials to 11 individuals during 2 AmeriCorps presentations. Members also provided 4 additional educational presentations to their local communities.”

For more information about MPCA’s Community HealthCorps Program, go to


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