Community Health Vote

As non-profit organizations that are trusted in the community, have social missions, are visited daily by individuals who are often underrepresented in the democratic process, and are nonpartisan, Community Health Centers are effective places to engage voters. 

Michigan Primary Care Association in partnership with Community Health Vote, an initiative of the National Association of Community Health Centers, has made voter education and engagement materials available to Michigan Community Health Centers on its web site at

There you can find a link to the Michigan voter registration application and instructions for completing it, information for voters on how to find their polling location and voting by absentee ballot, and more. 

The web page also include includes information for Health Centers on the do’s and don’ts of election activities for nonprofits, a well as links to partners including the Michigan Participation Project and the Michigan Voter Information Center.  Click here to access the Community Health Vote web page.

As the 2010 election year heats up, some dates to keep in mind are the State Primary on August 3, and the General Election on November 2.


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