One Week and Counting: How Are You Going to Celebrate National Health Center Week?

For one week each year, Community Health Centers come together to honor the important work they do in providing quality, comprehensive primary and preventive health care to people regardless of the amount of money they make or whether or not they carry an insurance card.

For one week each year, we celebrate the role of Community Health Centers as health care homes that provide a regular, continuous source of primary care to prevent sickness, manage chronic illness, and reduce the need for avoidable, costlier care such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

For one week each year, we take time to recognize the impact that thousands of Community Health Centers have on their communities across the country and in Michigan, not only in terms of providing health care but also in serving as economic engines that create jobs.

For one week each year, we celebrate that more and more patients in need are gaining access to health care through Health Centers – now more than ever the uninsured and casualties of the economic recession are seeking Health Center services, and Health Centers are able to respond thanks to increased investments through stimulus funds and health reform.

That week is called National Health Center week, and this year it is being celebrated August 8-14.  Please join us in “Celebrating America’s Health Centers:  Turning the Vision into Reality” and recognizing the program’s 45-year history of providing quality, cost-effective, accessible health care to millions of people across the country and in Michigan.

To learn more about National Health Center Week 2010, visit


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