Health Centers Mobilize Civic Engagement: Join the Movement through Community Health Vote

Community Health Centers are non-profit organizations that are trusted in the community, have social missions, are visited daily by individuals who are often underrepresented in the democratic process, and are nonpartisan.  For those reasons, Health Centers are effective places to engage and educate voters.

Michigan Primary Care Association is partnering with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) in Community Health Vote.  This initiative assists Health Centers in developing and implementing ongoing programs to educate patients, board members, staff, volunteers, and community members about public policy issues affecting access to health care.  A second goal of the initiative is to significantly increase voter registration and participation in communities where Health Centers are located.

The more people in the community you serve who are civically active, the greater your Health Center’s advocacy power and the greater your community’s influence.  “Elected officials know which communities vote, and if your Health Center is educating and empowering voters, elected officials will know that your advocacy is backed by people who can, and will hold them accountable,” said Lindsey Ruivivar, Regional Field Organizer, NACHC.

Community Health Vote has developed materials to help Health Centers integrate voter engagement into the daily work of their staff without creating more work.  To get an overview of the initiative, click here.

MPCA is also hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 am ET to introduce Community Health Vote to Michigan Health Center staff.  Click here to register, and learn how your Community Health Center can join the movement and how other Michigan Health Centers have already launched successful, ongoing voter engagement programs.


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