More Teens Will Have Access to Health Care at New Teen Health Center in Muskegon County

In an effort to keep students healthy and in school, Hackley Community Care Center and Muskegon Public Schools are making access to health care easier for adolescents by bringing a new Teen Health Center to the campus of Muskegon High School.  The 2,500 square-foot Health Center will be housed in a former shop classroom in the school’s freshmen wing, which was recently renovated.

The comprehensive Teen Health Center is projected to provide much needed health care to approximately 1,000 10-21 year olds in Muskegon County.  Services will include medical services, mental health counseling, and dental care. These services will coordinate with, and supplement health promotion and health education programs within the school district.

School-based Health Centers provide quality health care that is convenient for and accessible to children and adolescents, especially those in at-risk populations, because the facilities are located on or near school property.  Research shows that School-based Health Centers help keep children healthy by providing preventive care, identifying issues early on, and treating medical and behavioral concerns.  They also help decrease school absenteeism and discipline referrals, and provide safe places for students to talk about life issues that are troubling them.  All of these factors combine to improve readiness to learn.

Hackley Community Care Center and Muskegon Public Schools are holding an open house at the Teen Health Center at 80 W. Southern Avenue in Muskegon on November 4 from 3-6 pm.  Parents, adolescents, and community agencies are invited to tour the new facility, and meet the staff and new providers.  For more information, contact Hackley Community Care Center at 231.733.6634.

Hackley Community Care Center is one of Michigan’s 31 Community Health Center organizations that together operate over 160 sites across the state.  They are part of a nationwide network of 1,250 Community Health Centers that 20 million people call their health care home.

To learn more about Hackley Community Care Center, go to  For more information about Michigan Community Health Centers, visit


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