MPCA Back-to-School Enrollment Campaign a Success!

This year, Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) co-sponsored a Back-to-School outreach and enrollment campaign for low-cost and free children’s health insurance with the Michigan Cover the Uninsured Network and the Michigan Association of United Ways.

Community Outreach Specialists and Navigators serving in MPCA’s AmeriCorps program across the state spent nearly three months focusing on local and intermediate school districts — large and small, rural and urban — to increase community awareness of health insurance programs for kids and to get them enrolled.

MPCA distributed over 65,000 pieces of material during the campaign and received media coverage from outlets such as the Detroit Free Press, Lansing State Journal,, WZZM in Grand Rapids, and WBUP in Calumet.

The preliminary results of our campaign are in and they are exciting!

  • The MIchild monthly report shows that enrollment in September 2010 (the peak of the campaign) increased by 1,720 children (3,717 total enrolled in September) compared to the month before. (1,997 in August)
  • The October monthly report shows enrollment continued at a higher rate with 3,671 children being enrolled in the month of October.
  • Along with increasing enrollment, the campaign also had an effect on the number of families who heard about MIchild and HealthyKids at their schools — awareness increased to 10% in September, almost double the month before.
  • Medicaid data also shows enrollment in September 2010 (968,252) was substantially higher than September 2009 (932,818)  and enrollment increased between September and October 2010 by 3,487 children.

(Results for the HealthyKids program have not been interpreted at this time)

“These early results show the campaign was a huge success, but we did not do it alone,” said Phillip Bergquist, MPCA’s CHIPRA Program Manager.  “We would like to sincerely thank all of the teachers and school administration partners who made this work possible through their immense support and cooperation.”

Due to the success of enrollment during the back-to-school season, MPCA will be sponsoring an exciting holiday season enrollment campaign beginning November 29.  For more information, please visit


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