Urge Your U.S. Representative to Vote Against Health Reform Repeal

The newly sworn in 112th Congress is hitting the ground running, with the U.S. House of Representatives scheduled to begin debating on Friday, January 7 a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act .  At this time, a vote on the bill is expected to take place next Wednesday, January 12.

The Affordable Care Act contains many provisions promoting access to health care for all.  Among those provisions are $11 billion in new funding for the Health Centers Program and a Medicaid expansion to cover an additional 30 million people.  Many provisions have already gone into effect, such as the commitment of over $1 billion of capital and increased services funds for Health Centers.  This nation’s Health Centers are already the health care home for 20 million people, providing comprehensive, quality primary and preventive health care regardless of patient income or insurance status.  Funding under health care reform will allow Health Centers to expand their capacity to serve nearly 20 million new patients by 2015 and to enhance their second-to-none medical, oral, and behavioral health services. Click here to learn more about the key Health Center provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

Please contact your U.S. Representative TODAY to urge him/her to oppose a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  While it is believed that this repeal effort will not succeed, it is vital that Health Center staff, patients, board members, and other supporters communicate to their Representatives the benefits that the Affordable Care Act contains for Health Centers, their patients, and their communities.

Click here to contact your U.S. Representative today to ask him/her to vote no on the bill that would repeal health care reform.


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