STEAM Rolling Across Michigan

The “Steam” Childhood Obesity Group Program is making ground into Community Health Centers across Michigan to reach as many children as possible with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 85%.

Launched in 2004 at Grand Rapids Pediatrics, the seasoned, structured, and outcome-focused program promotes healthy food choices, behavior change, and physical activity for children and teens who are ready to make changes in their current lifestyle.

“STEAM is easily incorporated into Community Health Center operations, and it is fun and rewarding for program staff. Once you host one session, you will be hooked,” said Rose Rumball, Program Director, Cherry Street Health Services.

Participating Health Centers offer one, 2-hour session each week for seven weeks based on a set organizational plan and required agenda that includes planned topics for presentations related to behavior modification, nutrition, and exercise.

Participating organizations receive training, training manuals, participant packets, and tracking forms.

“We also provide you with all the support you may need along the way,” said Rumball.

The start-up cost for organizations is minimal and can be recouped with the first program offering depending on the number of participants.

“STEAM enables Health Centers to provide their medical providers with a referral source for overweight patients, and it provides children struggling with obesity with knowledge for making healthier choices,” said Rumball.

For more information about the STEAM Childhood Obesity Group Program,  please contact Rose Rumball at Grand Rapids Pediatrics, a Branch of Cherry Street Health Services, at  1-616-459-4314 or


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