Michigan Community Health Center Advocate Inducted into Hall of Fame

The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) has inducted David Brown, President of the Family Medical Center of Michigan’s board of directors, into the NACHC Grassroots Advocacy Hall of Fame.  This award recognizes Brown’s lasting contributions to insuring the creation, survival, and strength of Community Health Centers through his dedicated and tireless efforts over many years.

Community Health Centers serve as health care homes for over 22 million people, including nearly 600,000 Michigan residents, in more than 8,000 communities and they save the health care system up to $24 billion a year.  Directed by boards with majority consumer membership, Health Centers focus on meeting primary and preventive health care needs of their individual communities by providing quality, comprehensive, affordable, and accessible care regardless of an individual’s income or insurance coverage.

With demand for Health Center services growing among the medically underserved and uninsured, local, state, and national support for initiatives that support and strengthen their mission is critical — now more than ever. The network of Health Center grassroots advocates, working in communities across the country to spread the message, help make this key support possible.

“David has been a passionate advocate on behalf of Health Centers,” said Tom Van Coverden, President and CEO of NACHC. “We would not be here today in such full force were it not for people like David in the community working for better health care.  We deeply appreciate his tireless work, dedication and energetic leadership.”

Brown joined the Family Medical Center of Michigan’s board of directors in 1987 and has served as President since 1993.  During his tenure on the board, the Community Health Center located in southeast Michigan has grown from one location to five and expanded services to include dental and behavioral health.  Brown also served as board president of the Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) from 2001 to 2002 and then again in 2002 to 2003.  MPCA is the voice for Community Health Centers in Michigan.

“David Brown has been an inspiration to all of us in his caring and courageous leadership in support of healthcare for the underserved.  He is a tireless advocate, and shares unselfishly his time, talent, and experience in helping the Health Center community rise to our potential.  I am honored to be a friend and colleague,” said Kim Sibilsky, Executive Director, MPCA.

Brown was one of five individuals, and the only board member, inducted into the Grassroots Advocacy Hall of Fame at the 36th Annual NACHC Policy and Issues Forum in Washington, DC, an event attended by more than 2,000 Health Center leaders from around the country.

“This induction into the Advocacy Hall of Fame is a huge honor and very humbling to me.  You don’t do this for the accolades, but rather because it’s the right thing to do, to speak for those who do not have a voice,” said Brown.


One response to “Michigan Community Health Center Advocate Inducted into Hall of Fame

  1. What a deserving honor for Dave Brown. He has worked tirelessly to promote Community Health Centers in Michigan. It’s appropriate to thank him for his dedication and committment to our mission of providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the medically underserved.

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