Center for Family Health Celebrating New, Centralized Health Center in Downtown Jackson

On June 10, Jackson area community members will join together to celebrate the ribbon cutting of a valued community resource—the new Center for Family Health.  This Community Health Center is already the health care home for over 24,000 (1 out of 4) Jackson area residents.  With the consolidation of five locations into one building in the heart of downtown Jackson, Michigan, community members will have increased access to quality, affordable, coordinated primary and preventive health care, all under one roof.  This is one more step toward achieving the Health Center’s mission of opening the door to health care for all.

The Center for Family Health has been providing community-based health care in Jackson for 20 years.  It began as the Center for Healthy Beginnings in 1991 to help reduce Jackson County’s high infant mortality rate by offering prenatal, maternal, and infant support services.  In 1994, primary care services were added and the health care organization’s name was changed to the Center for Family Health to reflect the expanded range of services.  A few years later, the Center added pediatrics and internal medicine providers, followed by dental providers in 2001.

Today, the Center for Family Health also offers pharmacy and behavioral/mental health services, and operates three school-based health centers affiliated with local public schools.  It is one of Michigan’s 32 Community Health Center organizations that together provide care for nearly 600,000 Michigan residents at approximately 170 different locations across the state.  Each Health Center’s scope of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of its community members, and its doors are open to everyone regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

The new Center for Family Health building will provide an expanded, cost-effective facility to better serve a growing patient population.  It will house more than 60 medical exam rooms, 14 dental operatories, classrooms for health education training, an on-site diagnostic center for labs and x-rays, a pharmacy, and an information center for health coverage programs.

Construction of the building was made possible by stimulus funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which the Center for Family Health received in 2009, as well as from a $10.7 million capital campaign that generated federal matching funds.

“This building is not for any other purpose than to serve those who need our services,” said Molly Kaser, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Family Health.  “The Center for Family Health is here for no other reason than to provide quality health care for our neighbors right here in Jackson…Close to Home.”

You are invited to the community celebration of the new site at 505 N. Jackson Street in Jackson on June 10, 2-5 pm.  Click here for more information.


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