CMS Launches FQHC Advanced Primary Care Demonstration Project, MiPCT Demonstration Launch to Follow

On June 6, HHS announced the Federally Qualified Health Center  Advanced Primary Care Practice (FQHC APCP) demonstration project, a new Affordable Care Act initiative that will pay an estimated $42 million over three years to up to 500 FQHCs across the country to coordinate care for Medicare patients.

The FQHC Advanced Primary Care Practice demonstration will show how the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model can improve quality of care, promote better health, and lower costs. Participating FQHCs are expected to achieve Level 3 PCMH recognition, help patients manage chronic conditions, as well as actively coordinate care for patients. To help participating FQHCs make these investments in patient care and infrastructure, they will be paid a monthly care management fee for each eligible Medicare beneficiary receiving primary care services. In return, FQHCs agree to adopt care coordination practices that are recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). CMS and HRSA will provide technical assistance to help FQHCs achieve these goals.

Last year, Michigan was one of eight states selected to participate in another demonstration project to evaluate the effectiveness of doctors and other health professionals across the health care system working in a more integrated fashion and receiving more coordinated payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and private health plans. The Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project has the potential to touch the lives of nearly 2 million patients, 500 primary care practices including FQHCs, and 1,800 primary care providers.

To help Community Health Centers understand both demonstrations MPCA has developed a simple, concise “crosswalk” comparing both projects in key areas including eligibility, requirements, financial components, and scope. Click Here to download the crosswalk and email us with questions on the demonstration projects.

Join MPCA staff and presenters from both demonstrations in a free webinar on June 22 at 4-5 pm to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by these projects. Click here to register.


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