Step Up for Amercia’s Health Centers – Please Call Your Members of Congress and the White House Today!

Today, June 30, is the Health Centers National Mobilization Call-In Day. This very important day is an opportunity for every Community Health Center staff member, board member, clinician, patient, volunteer, and supporter to tell Congress and the White House that the decisions they make now about Medicaid and the FY 2012 federal budget will impact Health Centers and their patients for years to come.

Community Health Centers provide comprehensive, quality, affordable, primary and preventive health care for 23 million people across the country, including nearly 600,000 Michigan residents. Their doors are open to everyone, regardless of insurance status or income level. Their 45-year history of providing care to people who very often would otherwise go without (or who would seek care in more costly settings) while also saving the nation’s health care system money has earned the Health Centers program strong bi-partisan support across all levels of government.

It takes just a few minutes to call your U.S. Representative and both of your U.S. Senators using the National Association of Community Health Centers’ advocacy hotline, and to call the White House Comment Line directly to say: “Please do not undermine the successful Health Centers program as you negotiate Medicaid changes and cuts to the federal budget. The health and lives of our families and our neighbors should not be negotiated away. I am counting on your support for my Health Center.”

After you make your calls, please encourage everyone you know to call too.  Forward the action alert, post the information on your Facebook page, send out a tweet on your Twitter account. Never before have the threats to Health Centers been so serious. Only tens of thousands of calls from Community Health Center advocates across the country can make a difference. For more information about the threats facing health centers and more detailed instructions on how to take action visit the NACHC Grassroots Action Center.


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