Congressman Upton Recognized for Supporting Community Health Centers

During a visit to InterCare Community Health Network in Benton Harbor on August 5 leading up to National Health Center Week (August 7-13), Congressman Fred Upton (R-6) was recognized for his support of Community Health Centers across the country and in Michigan.

America’s Community Health Centers are healthcare homes for over 20 million people in communities across the country, including nearly 600,000 Michigan residents.  Health Centers like InterCare Community Health Network provide comprehensive primary and preventive care regardless of insurance status or income level, and their doors are open to everyone.

Velma Hendershott, President and Chief Executive Officer of InterCare Community Health Network, presented Congressman Upton with the 2011 Distinguished Community Health Defender Award on behalf of the National Association of Community Health Centers. The award is in recognition of Congressman Upton’s leadership in driving support for Community Health Centers, especially services for those who have lost their jobs and insurance as a result of the recession, the uninsured and migrant farmworker populations in Michigan.

“Congressman Upton has been a strong supporter of Community Health Centers over the years, for which we are greatly appreciative,” said Hendershott.  “He clearly sees the value of Health Centers as responding to needs in local communities, providing a medical home for so many vulnerable people and easing the burden on emergency departments, all while saving the state and the nation money.”

InterCare Community Health Network operates Community Health Centers in Allegan, Berrien, Kent, Ottawa, and VanBuren Counties, serving 50,000 patients annually.  It is one of 32 Community Health Center organizations in Michigan.

Community Health Centers are celebrating National Health Center Week this week to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers as local solutions to healthcare needs across the country.


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