MI Bridges Online Eligiblity and Application System Expansion

In 2009 the Michigan Department of Human Services launched MI Bridges, an online system for clients to apply for the Food Assistance and State Emergency Relief Energy programs.

Since August of 2009 more than 365,000 applications have been processed through MI Bridges. Due to its success and an impressive public/private funding and development partnership spearheaded jointly by DHS and the Michigan Association of United Ways the system is scheduled to be expanded through a three-stage technology releases.

The first release occurred earlier this week and gives clients the opportunity to verify the status of their assistance cases including Medicaid through the online system and an interactive voice response phone feature called “Check My Benefits”. In addition to the ability to check the status of benefit cases clients can view correspondence from DHS online and receive an email notification when new correspondence is generated by caseworkers. Complete details on the first release are available in the presentation below!

The second release will occur in December 2011 and give clients the opportunity to apply for any assistance, medical (including Medicaid) or emergency benefit program online. Clients will also be able to upload verification documents and report changes through the online system.

The third release will occur in the early Spring (March/April) 2012 and will give clients the ability to complete online renewals. (re-determination) MI bridges will also be translated into Arabic through this release.

MPCA has been and will continue to be actively participating in the planning and discussion about MI Bridges expansion and what opportunities the system will provide to Community Health Centers in Michigan to better serve patients.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new capabilities of the MI Bridges system please contact MPCA. You can also view several tutorial videos on the DHS YouTube Channel including the one below titled “How to Use MI Bridges Online“!



One response to “MI Bridges Online Eligiblity and Application System Expansion

  1. yvonne patterson

    hi my name is yvonne patterson, i have apply for help for shut off noitce to my local agencey i have not had a respond as of 5/11/12 for my dte,and water, i have call my worker ms.mcCall in greysdale office many times no respond.i asked her to pick a ten day hole on my acct. with dte as dte told me to do i left many messages regarding this matter no respond can some one please help me my case # is 103224906,i have filled out appication and drop my shut off noices in the box at greydale office, i have call main # and the phone will disconnect me.please heip 313 213 1903,20173 wyoming st. detroit, mi 48221. ms. mc call # is313 387 2922 thank you very much.

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