The Super Committee is Making Decisions RIGHT NOW That Could Impact Health Centers: Please Contact U.S. Representatives Camp and Upton November 10

U.S. Representatives Dave Camp (R-MI) and Fred Upton (R-MI) are members of the Congressional Super Committee, which is charged with identifying $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion in federal deficit reductions. The Super Committee is making decisions RIGHT NOW on proposals to achieve this goal, some of which could literally zero out funding for the Health Centers program or drastically cut critically important programs like Medicaid. Medicaid is essential to the viability of Health Centers and is the most important source of health insurance coverage for more than 60 million low-income, disabled, and elderly Americans.

On October 13 the National Association of Community Health Centers held a National Mobilization Call-In Day during which advocates across the country called their Members of Congress to help protect Health Centers and the critically important Medicaid program. Unfortunately members of the Super Committee, including Reps. Camp and Upton, received very few phone calls on that day.

To ensure Representatives Camp and Upton understand the critical importance of Medicaid to Health Centers and protect them from funding cuts, Michigan Primary Care Association is urging ALL Michigan Health Center advocates to call Congressman Camp (202.225.3561) and Congressman Upton (202.225.3761) directly in Washington, DC, on Thursday, November 10 and tell them: I am asking that as a member of the Super Committee, the Congressman not undermine the successful Health Centers program as he negotiates Medicaid changes and cuts to the federal budget. Health Centers are critical to the health of our community, and I’ve witnessed firsthand that they are working. I am counting on the Congressman to support my Community Health Center and oppose any changes that would undermine it.

We also encourage you to send messages to Representatives Camp and Upton on Facebook and Twitter on November 10 to boost this message.

Facebook: To post a message on each of their Facebook pages, go to for Rep. Camp and for Rep. Upton and post:
Do not undermine the successful Health Centers program as you negotiate the federal budget on the Super Committee. The health and lives of our families and our neighbors should not be negotiated away. I am counting on your support for my Health Center!

Twitter: To tweet them, go to!/RepDaveCamp for Rep. Camp and!/RepFredUpton for Rep. Upton and tweet:  I’m counting on your support for my Health Center. Don’t let the #supercommittee undermine the Health Centers Program! #SaveCHCs.

It is essential that Michigan Health Center advocates send a strong, loud, clear, unified message on November 10. Please encourage ALL Health Center staff, board members, patients, friends, family, neighbors, partners, and other advocates to contact Reps. Camp and Upton as well!

Once you make the calls and post messages on Facebook and Twitter, please email to let us know so we can track our unified effort.


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