Health Center Advocates Support MiHealth Marketplace Legislation

Thank you to all of the advocates who called their state Senator this week to ask for timely passage of SB 693, legislation introduced by Senator Jim Marleau that creates a health insurance exchange in Michigan called the “MiHealth Marketplace”. SB 693 must be adopted by Thanksgiving to ensure Michigan has enough time to successfully design an exchange that meets our state’s needs. If Michigan’s doesn’t establish its own exchange, the federal government will step in. Click here to read more about SB 693 and why its passage is so important for our state.

Although MPCA received feedback from just 68 advocates about where their Senator stands on the bill, we are hoping that significantly more people called than shared feedback with us. If you haven’t shared with MPCA what you learned about your Senator’s position on the bill, please email

On November 3, Doug Paterson, MPCA’s Director of State Policy testified before the Senate Health Policy Committee in support of SB 693. Click here to read Doug’s testimony.  It appears that the committee may have enough votes to vote out the bill soon, and we believe our efforts this week did make an impact. So, again, THANK YOU to everyone who made calls. If you haven’t called your Senator yet, it isn’t too late!

Meanwhile, the Michigan Consumers for Healthcare has generated a petition that will be delivered to the state House and Senate calling on for timely passage of SB 693. Click here to sign the petition.


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