Michigan 340B Pharmacy Staff Covene for Face-to-Face Collaboration

Nineteen pharmacists and pharmacy staff from 12 Michigan Community Health Centers met at Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) this week for the first-ever Michigan 340B Pharmacist Coalition face-to-face meeting.

Tim Mallett, Director of Pharmacy, Family Health Center, Inc.; Carolee Besteman, Clinical Consultant, MPCA; and Fred Schmidt, Pharmacy Director, Cherry Street Health Services

Tim Mallett, Director of Pharmacy at Family Health Center Inc. and Fred Schmidt, Pharmacy Director at Cherry Street Health Services moderated round table discussions on patient care issues as well as financially centered and legally oriented topics. Greg Baran from the Michigan Pharmacist Association provided a legislative update over lunch.

“It was encouraging to have so many Health Centers represented. The value of a face-to-face exchange of ideas can never be underestimated. I think that for many in attendance, the knowledge that they are not alone with their questions and issues is reassuring. We are looking forward to meeting again early in 2012 to share our successes and draw off each other’s experiences to improve our pharmacies and Health Centers,” said Tim.

If you are a Michigan Health Center pharmacy staff member and would like to join the Michigan 340B Pharmacist Coalition, please contact Carolee Besteman, MPCA Clinical Consultant, at cbesteman@mpca.net.


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