Michigan Health Center Advocates Call on Congressmen Camp, Upton to Protect Health Centers, Preserve Medicaid

Staff at Health Delivery, Inc. called Congressmen Camp and Upton in support of Health Centers and Medicaid

Today, November 10, Michigan Health Center supporters are calling Congressmen Dave Camp (R-MI) and Fred Upton (R-MI) in Washington, DC, to tell them to protect Community Health Centers and preserve Medicaid as they negotiate the Super Committee’s proposal for reducing the federal deficit.

Congressman Camp and Upton are members of the Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (or “Super Committee”) that is tasked with the monumental goal of finding over a trillion dollars in deficit reduction, and everything is on the table, including possible changes to Medicaid. Medicaid is essential to the viability of Community Health Centers and to the patients who depend on it as their source of affordable health coverage. Forty-one percent of Michigan Community Health Center patients are Medicaid beneficiaries.

Community Health Centers are a true Medicaid success story because they produce significant cost savings for this vital program while providing quality, affordable, accessible primary and preventive care. Health Centers in Michigan serve 12% of Michigan Medicaid beneficiaries at a total cost of only 1.2% of Medicaid spending in our state.

What’s more, a study found that Michigan Health Centers generate $44.87 in Medicaid cost savings per member per month compared to persons served in the fee for service system. This means that Health Centers save Michigan Medicaid nearly $18 million more than if these same people were served in other settings.

Overall, America’s Health Centers generate $24 billion in savings every year to the health care system, $6 billion of which accrues to states and the federal government through Medicaid.

Now is the time for Congress to be thoughtful about investing our limited resources where they will do the most good. For over 45 years Health Centers have proven their model of care saves money and improves patient health. Today they are the health care home for 20 million patients across the country, including 600,000 Michigan residents – yet many more people need their services.

Please join us in calling Congressman Camp and Upton today to tell them to protect Health Centers and preserve Medicaid. Go to http://bit.ly/mimobilization for more information.


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