Get Out Your Clipboards: A Michigan Health Center’s Experience with Collecting Petition Signatures

by Monica Woods, Public Relations Manager, Health Delivery, Inc.

Health Delivery’s effort in collecting signatures to support the Campaign for America’s Health Centers is something we don’t take lightly. It is extremely important that all Health Centers nationwide roll up their sleeves and collect as many signatures in support of Health Centers as possible. It is really quite simple.

Here at Health Delivery, Inc. (HDI), we provide our patients with information regarding our grassroots efforts in our waiting rooms and lobbies, and at our reception desks, appointment desks, and pharmacy windows. Patients learn about and join us in our advocacy efforts by signing their name on our petitions.  While most patients pick up a magazine to read while they are waiting, HDI provides them with a clipboard and pen. This is a great opportunity to educate our patients on the important role that Health Centers play in keeping people, families, and communities healthy and how they can show their support with a simple signature.

The templates provided on the Campaign for America’s Health Centers’ website are perfect! Keep the clipboard loaded with signatures, as this entices others to be a part of the action. Keep in mind that no one wants to be the first signature, so be sure you have a few signatures already on the form before placing it in the Health Center.

One afternoon, I visited patients in the waiting room at our busiest Health Center. I kindly asked if anyone would be interested in signing our petition. When I explained about the Campaign and what we are advocating for, they practically ripped the clipboard out of my hand to sign and started passing it around.

When patients learn that their signature supports their Health Center, and oppose the real possibility of funding and/or Medicaid cuts, they will not hesitate to sign the petition. We are their safety net and they want and need us to be here. Do not deny them their chance to advocate!

Keep in mind, your Health Center is not the only place you can obtain signatures. Fellow employees, families, friends, board members, neighboring businesses, and places your patients frequently visit are also good sources of supporters.

Get out your clipboards!


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