New Interactive Behavioral Health Integration Map Showcases Integration Efforts Across Michigan

Behaviroral Health Integration Map


Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) is proud to announce the release of its new interactive online Behavioral Health Integration Map, which displays pioneering efforts that are currently underway across Michigan for developing and implementing integrated behavioral health/primary care models of care.

The integration of behavioral health into the primary care setting, and primary care into the behavioral health setting has been shown to enhance access to health care services, improve quality of care, and decrease health expenditures.

MPCA began the Behavioral Health Mapping Project in September 2011. The goal of the project was to provide information and resources to organizations interested in expanding their integration efforts.

MPCA surveyed Michigan’s safety net providers for detailed information about their integrated care initiatives. Overall, 103 organizations responded and many expressed interest and excitement about the project. Organizations represented include Michigan Health Centers, Community Mental Health Centers, School-Based Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics, Public Health Departments, and Substance Abuse Agencies.

The Behavioral Health Integration Map displays close to 100 projects, each unique in its strategy and scope. The map can be used to learn about integrated care models that are being pioneered across Michigan. Each project site links to a detailed informational profile with contact information provided.

Moving forward, MPCA anticipates annual updates of the Behavioral Health Integration Map to include new efforts and update current projects.

The map is accessible at


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