Advantage Health Centers Hosts HHS Region V Director Munson at Detroit Health Center

Advantage Health Centers was honored to host U.S. Health and Human Services Region V Director Kenneth Munson at Thea Bowman Community Health Center in Detroit on Wednesday, August 15.

“Great discussion took place between Director Munson and community leaders, Advantage Health Center Board Members, and Michigan Primary Care Association staff,” said Joe Ferguson, Executive Director, Advantage Health Centers.

That discussion centered on provisions of the Affordable Care Act and how they will impact Health Centers and their patients; the present political/implementation uncertainties; and the potential impact that the State of Michigan’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion and establishing an insurance exchange will have on Michigan Health Centers and their patients.

“Michigan Primary Care Association encourages the Michigan Legislature and Snyder Administration to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to ensure the state’s most vulnerable residents have affordable health care coverage, and to establish a health insurance exchange in Michigan as prescribed in legislation already passed by the Michigan Senate and awaiting movement in the House,” said Ferguson, who is also chair of the Michigan Primary Care Association’s Health Policy Committee.

While Director Munson toured Thea Bowman Community Health Center, Advantage Health Center (AHC) leadership highlighted how it is delivering quality, comprehensive, affordable primary and preventive care to residents of Metropolitan Detroit, where patient needs are very diverse. AHC acquired Children’s Dental Program, the largest in Michigan, and plans to move the dental program into an improved facility.

Also attending the event were representatives of the Voices of Detroit Initiative, whose participation with the Beacon Community is advancing the use of health information technology and electronic health records Meaningful Use in the Greater Detroit area.

Director Munson was in Detroit to give a keynote speech during the Blacks in Government national training conference. It is estimated that approximately 3.8 million black Americans who would otherwise be uninsured will gain coverage by 2016 under the Affordable Care Act.


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