Health Centers Need YOU to Advocate for Them and Their Patients

On Thursday, November 15, Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) held a post-election conference call to discuss the results of the 2012 election and how they impact Michigan Health Centers. The future of the Health Center Program and many programs vital to Health Center patients (such as Medicaid) will be impacted by the decisions Congress and the State Legislature are making today and those they make in the months ahead when the 113th Congress and 97th Michigan Legislature convene. It is critical that Health Centers have a strong network of active advocates who are educating their elected officials about the value of Health Centers so the Health Center Program and the programs that Health Center patients rely on are protected in these uncertain times. There are 4 things you can do right now to advocate for Health Centers:

  1. Invite ALL your Members of Congress and State Legislators (newly elected and returning) to visit your Health Center

  2. Ask current Members of Congress to join the Health Center Caucus

  3. Register as a Health Center advocate, if you haven’t already, and recruit new Health Center advocates to sign up at
  4. Be ready to receive action alerts from the National Association of Community Health Centers and Michigan Primary Care Association, and to take action by contacting your elected officials

Below are links to the reports and resources we mentioned during the call:


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