Three Actions to Advocate for Health Centers

Please Continue to Take These Three Actions to Advocate for Health Centers

Stay informed about the fiscal cliff and deficit reduction efforts. Click here for an explanation of what the fiscal cliff is and how it could affect Health Centers.

Call your Members of Congress using NACHC’s toll-free Health Center Advocate Hotline (1.866.456.3949) to send the message, “I understand the importance of Congress’ work on a budget deal. I am calling to request that my Member of Congress makes sure Health Centers like mine are protected through any effort to reduce the deficit.”

Start educating new Members of Congress. There will be 96 new Members of Congress when the 113th Congress convenes January 3, 2013, including two new U.S. Representatives from Michigan: Kerry Bentivolio (R-11th District) and Dan Kildee (D-5th District). If either of them represents your Health Center’s service area, now is the time to begin educating them about the value of Health Centers. Click here for talking points and tips for scheduling meetings.


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