MiCHWA Launches MiCommunity Video Awareness Campaign to Promote CHWs

By Natasha Robinson, MPCA Communications Specialist

The Michigan Community Health Workers Alliance (MiCHWA) has launched the MiCHWA MiCommunity Video Awareness Campaign. The campaign tells stories of how Community Health Workers (CHWs) are impacting Michigan individuals, families, and communities by providing health supports right where they live. The need for CHWs is increasing as health care providers continue to look for effective, community-based ways to help patients manage everything from chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more to helping a mother have a healthy pregnancy.

A CHW assists a client. Photo by James Graessle, 2012.

A CHW assists a client. Photo by James Graessle, 2012.

CHWs are front line public health workers who strengthen the connection between vulnerable populations and health care and human service systems. They deliver culturally competent services and interventions demonstrated to improve health outcomes and are key to efforts to eliminate health and health care disparities among at-risk or disadvantaged populations. CHWs are an emerging profession, one that is integral to Michigan’s health and social service infrastructure, and MiCHWA strives to support the further integration and understanding of the CHW role statewide.

The MiCommunity Campaign hopes to show how CHWs are impacting their communities every day. The campaign features videos that talk about what CHWs do and why they are vital to improving health among Michigan’s unreached or underserved populations. The videos can be viewed on MiCHWA’s website, and on MiCHWA’s new YouTube Channel, MichiganCHWAlliance.

MiCHWA Working Groups meet regularly to mobilize efforts to promote and sustain the integration of CHWs into Michigan’s health and human service systems through coordinated changes in policy and workforce development. MPCA supports the effort for Michigan to create a new certification process and offer Medicaid reimbursement for CHWs and Patient Navigators, as support professionals.


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