Contact Your State Representative BY TODAY to Expand Health Coverage in Michigan

Michigan Primary Care Association is asking ALL health care advocates to take time to contact your State Representative(s) by TODAY, June 10, regarding a bill to expand health coverage eligibility to more Michigan residents.

House Bill 4714 was introduced in the State House on May 9, and sent to the House Committee on Michigan Competitiveness. Committee members, led by Chair Mike Shirkey, have heard four days of testimony on the Medicaid expansion and reform bill. HB 4714 originally included a controversial 48-month lifetime cap on coverage. MPCA’s Chief State Policy Director, Doug Paterson, was one of many to testify before the committee in support of HB 4714 with the removal of the 48-month cap.

On June 7, a substitute bill for HB 4714 was introduced. Instead of removing able-bodied adults from Medicaid after 48 months, the bill requests a waiver from the federal government to allow those in the expanded Medicaid program after 48 months, who are between 100 percent and 133 percent of the federal poverty level to purchase private insurance through the health insurance marketplace or increase cost sharing requirements to 7 percent of their income while still in the program. For the first 48 months, recipients between 100 percent and 133 percent of poverty would be required to pay not more than 5 percent of their out-of-pocket medical expenses (they would not have to do so during the first six months). Contributions could be reduced based on beneficiaries achieving specific goals toward improving or maintaining healthy behaviors.

The House Committee on Michigan Competitiveness is scheduled to hold two meetings on the bill THIS WEEK, on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is predicted that the committee will vote on the bill Wednesday and send it to the House floor before adjourning for the summer recess.

It is essential that the committee members listed below hear from many of their constituents and their fellow State Legislators that they should PASS House Bill 4714. Please click the link for a simple but impactful way to contact your lawmakers:

House Committee on Michigan Competitiveness
Rep. Mike Shirkey, Chair (R, 65th District) 517.373.1775
Rep. Ken Yonker, Majority Vice-Chair (R-72nd District) 517.373.0840
Rep. Gail Haines (R-43rd District) 517.373.0615
Rep. Kevin Cotter (R-99th District) 517.373.1789
Rep. Frank Foster (R-107th District) 517.373.2629
Rep. Ray Franz (R-101st District) 517.373.0825
Rep. Ken Goike (R-33rd District) 517.373.0820
Rep. Dan Lauwers (R-81st District) 517.373.1790
Rep. Tom Leonard (R-93rd District) 517.373.1778
Rep. Dave Pagel (R-78th District) 517.373.1796
Rep. Paul Clemente, Minority Vice-Chair (D-14th District) 517.373.0140
Rep. Jim Townsend (D-26th District) 517.373.3818
Rep. Andy Schor (D-68th District) 517.373.0826
Rep. Harvey Santana (D-9th District) 517.373.6990
Rep. Kate Segal (D-62nd District) 517.373.0555


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