MPCA CEO’s Reflections on 2013

Kim Sibilsky, CEO, Michigan Primary Care Association

MPCA’s CEO, Kim Sibilsky

This past year has been one of the most dynamic in my 34 years of working with Health Centers, and Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) and our members  have been major drivers of the change we are experiencing.

In the early months of Fiscal Year 2013, MPCA members  and staff were busy developing strategy and reaching out  to key partners, initiating the process that would result in one of the largest and most diverse coalitions ever to be formed in Michigan, in my experience. The passage of Medicaid expansion through the efforts of the Expand Medicaid coalition demonstrates the value of long-standing partnerships, and the strength that comes when you reach out to new partners, finding common cause around shared values.

The Healthy Michigan Plan is now law and the challenges of implementation continue to be a learning experience. We all look forward to working through the initial implementation process, and MPCA is once again leading the way on local, state, and national levels in the design and fielding of innovative outreach and enrollment strategies. The work of the Outreach and Enrollment team, in collaboration with other stakeholder organizations, will absolutely assist the State in a successful rollout.

As the Affordable Care Act implementation continued, Fiscal Year 2013 gave us direct funding to recruit and mobilize Outreach and Enrollment staff at Health Centers and the PCA; to establish our new Health Center Controlled Network, the Michigan Quality Improvement Network; and for one new access point. At the dawn of Fiscal Year 2014, Michigan received nine new access points, including the funding of three new Health Center organizations!

Moving into 2014, transformation continues to be our mantra, using the support we’ve gained, the leadership within our Health Centers, and the credibility we’ve accrued nationally. Michigan Health Centers are high performing, comprehensive care providers and we will begin to use the power of our performance to leverage expanded resources for underserved communities. MPCA is also reconfiguring our governance structure to be more nimble and optimize the member support systems to deliver the highest value to our members and stakeholders.

I want to thank our member Health Centers, MPCA staff, stakeholders and funders, partners and friends for all you do to make Michigan a great place to live and work!  Let’s continue to strive together to make it even better.


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