February Enrollment Progress

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation provided an updated look at enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The new report, which provides enrollment data through March 1, 2014, offers an in-depth look at enrollee demographics, plan selection patterns, and information on Marketplace financial assistance, in addition to Medicaid/CHIP eligibility assessments.

The most recent indicators for the State of Michigan are:

  • 144,587 Michigan residents have selected a plan in the Marketplace
    • Michigan’s enrollment total exceeded HHS projections for the state by nearly 16,000 enrollees
    • 28,013 residents have also selected a stand-alone dental plan
  • 19.9% of the eligible population in Michigan has enrolled
    • Michigan currently has the 8th highest percentage of eligible residents enrolled, improving from 10th highest (15.5%) at the end of January
  • Gaps remain between them number of individuals who applied and were eligible to enroll and those who actually selected a plan
    • 313,644 Michigan residents were found eligible to enroll in a Marketplace plan; 187,057 were found eligible to enroll with financial assistance. Since 144,587 actually selected a plan, we still have work to do in assisting and encouraging applicants to complete their enrollment.
  • The percentage of young adults (age 18-34) enrolling through the Marketplace in Michigan held steady at 26%
    • Michigan’s young adult enrollment is slightly higher than the average for all states (25%) but lower than we would hope as over one-third of premium tax credit eligible individuals in Michigan fall into this age group
  • 87% of Michigan’s enrollees selected a Silver medal level plan or higher
    • This is higher than the average for all states (80%) and a good indicator of positive plan selection decisions
  • 87% of Michigan’s enrollees received financial assistance through the Marketplace
    • 80% of those who received financial assistance selected a silver plan, which shows most enrollees are maximizing the potential impact of cost-sharing reductions
  • 40,347 Michiganders were assessed eligible for current Medicaid or CHIP coverage
    • This number remains low but will climb dramatically when the Healthy Michigan Plan is implemented

We’ll continue to analyze enrollment trends as the first Marketplace open enrollment period comes to a close and we begin enrolling Michiganders in the Healthy Michigan Plan in the weeks to come.


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