As the End of Open Enrollment Nears, Michigan Health Centers Continue as Sources of Information and Assistance

With the end of open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace only 18 days away, the interest in getting signed up by March 31st for health insurance coverage has skyrocketed. People across Michigan are requesting assistance from Certified Application Counselors and Navigators to complete their applications for Qualified Health Plans. Health Centers play a chief role in providing this enrollment support. They are continuing to host events and partner with community organizations to share accurate and helpful information to people needing health coverage.

Family Medical Center of Michigan hosted three Affordable Care Act sign-up events in the first half of March, assisting over 100 people at their event in Lenawee County. Read more

Advantage Health Centers hosted an Obamacare Education and Enrollment Event in Detroit along with Affirmations, MichUHCAN, and Jamison & Green Associates as a part of a larger effort to encourage the LGBT community to enroll. Read more

Hamilton Community Health Network’s Navigators and Certified Application Counselors are educating Genesee County area residents about their options for health care coverage. Read more

Cherry Street Health Services partnered with the Grand Rapids Public Library to host an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Session, where Health Center Certified Application Counselors answered questions and helped people enroll – read more. Cherry Street Health Services is also hosting an event on March 20 at the Flat River Community Library in Greenville to educate, answer questions, and help community members enroll in health insurance. Read more

In the latest release of enrollment numbers, U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) reported that Michigan had the 8th highest percent of eligible individuals enrolled in Marketplace plans. This is up from the 10th highest, as reported for January. Check out MPCA’s blog article explaining these numbers. For information and assistance in getting enrolled in an affordable health care plan, your local Health Center has the resources to help you! You can locate a Health Center near you here.


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